As organizer of the Swedenborg symposium I can report that, in spite of splendid Spring weather during the first week of May 2006, more then 60 visitors from all parts of the country travelled to Amersfoort, to take part in the Swedenborg symposium.

The topic: Swedenborg is a reliable source, was confirmed firmly by the lecturers. On the Internet pages at www.swedenborg.be you find the full digital report of the symposium, reflected in texts, photographs and sound, as a result of which the participants can once more quietly read through and listen to the large quantity of new information. Also those who could not be present can now enjoy the contents of the lectures presented at the symposium.

Sincere thanks go out to all attendees who, by their contribution and presence, made this symposium a successful event, of which some said this should be done more often.

Guus Janssens